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Taking control of your finances

We give you the freedom and resources to drive your business forward. Providing you with immediate working capital – up to 85% of outstanding invoices. The balance is then available to you when we receive payment from your customers.

Reducing your overhead

With First Capital Factors managing your sales ledger, the major cost of credit management is taken out of the equation - payment processing, chasing and collection are undertaken by a professional team.

This means you can either reduce staffing costs or re-deploy existing employees to other areas of the business.


You remain in control of your working capital - using funds as you need them to reduce unnecessary interest charges.  Making your money available to you more quickly.

Reducing bad debts

Professional sales ledger management identifies bad debt risk. Bad debt is often good debt that has been left to hang around too long. We offer the option of insuring key customers to help you sleep at night.